Prevention is the best defense against cancer. We hear this time and time again, but this is an absolute fact. If you think something is wrong, don't neglect your health. Go see a doctor as soon as you can. The earlier the better you can be diagnosed and the faster life-saving treatments can be administered.

If you or someone you know does not have health insurance or is on Medicaid, you may qualify to receive a free cancer screening. More importantly, the health procedure is for more than one type of cancer, including; Mammogram, Cervical, and FIT colon cancer.


If you are interested or concerned about your health and would like to get a free screening, come out to the Allen Parish Community Healthcare Center on January 9 & 10. Residents who qualify will get their procedure in a special Cancer Screening Mobile Unit.

To find out if you qualify, if you have questions about the screening, or if you would like to schedule a screening, call the APCH at (337) 448-4473 today!

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