According to AllHipHop, the very influential Russell Simmons pulled a bit of a boss move this week when he contacted the offices of BET to have them change the date of their annual Hip-Hop Awards Show.

The 2015 Hip-Hop Awards Show was set to take place on October 10, the same day as “Justice or Else,” the anniversary of the Million Man March, said AHH. Apparently the BET bosses had a change of heart after talking with the Def Jam founder. The annual award show has simply been pushed back a day to October 9.

According to AllHipHop they talked exclusively with a source that said

“Russell Simmons made a high level call to a BET executive respectfully requesting a date change due to “Justice Or Else” and BET mutually obliged and changed the date to October 9th.”

All you have to is ask when you want to get something done, the answer will either be “yes" or “no" in the end. Now everyone’s happy!

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