This evening, January 30, 210 East traffic will be shifted to the West Bound lane, but still going east. Are you just as confused as I am? The DOT broke it down in a press release.

210 East Bound traffic will now be traveling in the 210 West Bound lane, meaning 210 East will have both of its lanes closed as crews replace 930ft of concrete decking. The single lane has been closed as crews worked to install concrete barriers and cross pieces. That part is done, now they get down to business.

Traffic will still flow East and West on 210, still single lane, but just each lane flowing East and West will be on the West Bound side.

Thankfully, the DOT reminds us all that this will cause even more congestion (duh), and that there are alternate routes you can take to get around (I HIGHLY suggest going through Arkansas or buying an airplane).

Trucks/Vehicles 25 Tons or less that need to get on I10 can take  - US165, US171, LA 27, or LA 109

Trucks/Vehicles 25 Tons and more that need to get on I10  - LA 12 and US 190

The DOT also reminds drivers that any vehicles over 11ft will not be able to access 210 during this closure.


In all seriousness, this traffic and construction is becoming a headache, no matter how you feel about it, please always remember that there are men and women working in these areas. Be on the look out for them, and pay close attention while traveling through these construction areas.

For more information, you can go to the DOTD's website and look at the press release and map, or contact them via email at

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