"It's about to go dine....." What's up 107Jamz.com viewers & Listeners! I know you it's hard to end a great weekend and get ready for your Mondays, but let your favorite Kynnfolk & your boy Chuckslugg help you.....WE ARE LIVE RIGHT NOW!!! 3rd Coast Radio is back at you again with some more new music like "Wildest Dreams" with Brandy and "AKUP" with LoveRance ft. Tyga & Problem. Don't forget to follow 107Jamz on Twitter.com/107jamz and follow us at Twitter.com/3rdcoastradio.


Today's Twitter topic: #Iwouldlike2rep?

Also guest today on 3rd Coast Radio Lake City's own Unkle Scrooge from General Population letting the city know about the LIKE YEAH going down this Saturday Sept. 22 at CLUB FAME! Be sure to be there with host's Teddy from G Entertainment & yours truly your favorite KYNNFOLK!!!! There will also be a video shoot with Bundy G & Fat Chino. You don't want to miss it!

Get more details by listening live to the show via www.107jamz.com and DOWNLOAD RADIO PUP!!!!

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