What is going on www.107Jamz.com listeners and viewers? It's me again your favorite KYNNFOLK! Earlier this week I had the opportunity to go to New Orleans, LA. It has been a while since I have been out that way, but nothing has changed. NOLA will ALWAYS carry such a rich spirit in culture & the arts. I fell in love with the city all over again. I went out that way to show support for IAGO an artist from Baton Rouge, La who performed onstage at the Howlin' Wolf for Industry Influence. Big shoutout to Dj Wild Wayne and Sess 4-5 for putting such a great event on for more than five years! Before checking out IAGO I had the opportunity to speak to the HOT 8 BRASS BAND. The HOT 8 have been actively serving the country and overseas with a jazz, funk, hip-hop and traditional brass sound since 1995. They have performed with the likes of Mos Def and Lauryn Hill. They have also signed a MAJOR INTERNATIONAL DEAL! The guys sat down for a quick Q&A before blowing my mind, literally, with such a story through brass! Their sound kind of made me think of the Go-Go music I grew up with in Washington D.C.

What's my point?......

They have a new album out called THE LIFE & TIMES OF THE HOT 8 BRASS BAND and you NEED TO HAVE IT! Check out their website www.hot8brassband.com to hear more about their story, check out their videos, and make your purchase! You can take my word or you can check out the link to the official video below for the newest single "Ghost Town" . I know you'll enjoy it!

Hot 8 Brass Band