Everyone's eyes were on the mega-millions Powerball drawing, Saturday, October 2, hoping they would be the $651.3 million dollar winner. Amazingly enough, for the 40th drawing in a row, there was no Powerball jackpot winner! Incredibly, the prize for the upcoming Wednesday drawing has soared to $670 million with a cash value of a whopping $474.8 Million. Wow!

In the meantime, the October drawing winning numbers were 28, 38, 42, 47, and 52. The red Powerball was 1. According to the "Louisiana Lottery Big Wins in Louisiana" there were no winners. Well, people all I can say is sorry. Sorry, I didn't win Saturday's drawing to let everyone off the hook. Rest assured I will win the drawing on Wednesday though to ease everyone's anxiety. You see, I've been telling folks one day I would win one of the biggest Louisiana lotteries of all time. So, this Wednesday looks to be a fine time for me to go ahead and back that statement up!

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