42 Dugg coins his style of rap as talking crap. It’s an innate, empowering thing for him to do and frankly, one of the key reasons that fans eat the energy right up on songs like “Been Turnt” and “Dog Food.” So when it comes to the 2021 XXL Freshman's version of XXL’s ABCs, best believe that the CMG and 4PF signee has no problem popping his stuff for the masses once again.

As he launches the segment, the Detroit-born street whistler can’t help but to affirm his ice tray go-tos. For the letter A, he chooses one of hip-hop's staples watches: Audemars Piguet. Then, he chooses another form of expensive wristwear, this time around selecting a Breitling for B.

When the 26-year-old rapper lands on the letter D, he discusses the origin story of his rap name, which was also influenced by a family member. “I got the name Dugg from my grandma,” he shares.

Midway through the pack, 42 Dugg shows some respect to Nas’ on and off-the-mic efforts for the letter N. “I like his acting in Belly,” Dugg says before singing the chorus of “Hate Me Now” featuring Puff Daddy. Shortly after on the same note of movies, the lauded artist recalls one of his favorite lines from the ending scene of Training Day starring Denzel Washington. “P, pine oil. You going to pine oil heaven, boy!”

Before closing out things, 42 Dugg lets it be known that his eyes are forever locked onto the prize. For W, he elects the word win—something he feels he has no choice but to do to succeed. Lastly for Z, he brings up NBA All-Star Zion Williamson, who similarly knows a thing or two about victory despite it being early in the game. Regardless of how much time has gone by, both rising stars have earned the tag of being next up.

Watch 42 Dugg give a shout-out to his home team, discuss why he’s so committed to the grind and more in his ABCs below.

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