Louisiana is the 7th fattest state in the country according to US News and World Report. The report says one out of four adults in Louisiana is considered obese. The fattest state is Mississippi.

What are some of the ways you can help change this? Well, The Mayo Clinic sent me a list of "5 Unhealthy Habits to Break for Weight Loss". You might be surprised by some of the suggestions on this list.

No TV while eating — and only as much as you exercise

This report says you should spend an equal amount of time exercising as you do watching tv or using any other digital device. This sounds a little bit extreme and I don't know anyone who exercises as much as they watch tv or play on their phone or computer.

No sugar unless it is found in fruit

I definitely have a sweet tooth and I can not imagine never eating sweets. I know lots of people who have cravings for chocolate or other tasty treats. The Mayo Clinic says you should stay away from all table sugar, honey and other sweets.

No snacks except fruits and vegetables

Again, this seems unattainable. Can you really expect folks to give up all snacks? I would not consider carrots a snack. But this report says you can make a healthy change by grabbing fruits or veggies a couple of times a day.

Moderate meat and low-fat dairy

This is something I have thought about. The Mayo Clinic says you should cut back your consumption of meat, fish and poultry to just 3 ounces a day. And if you do like dairy products, you should switch to low fat varieties. I know several nutrition experts who don't like the low fat versions of dairy. My problem would be cheese. I seriously love cheese.

No eating at restaurants — unless the meal fits the Lose It! program

This just can not work. I love eating out and I do try to find health options. But to skip all dining out unless the meal fits in the Lose It program the clinic recommends.

But we do need to realize one out of four residents in Louisiana is considered obese. That's in the latest report on obesity from the State Department of Health.


In the US News report nine of the 10 states with the fattest residents are southern states.

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