I have been on the radio for a long time and I have come across some pretty funny people in my career. Many of them honestly have no clue as to what they ask or say sometimes and it shows. I have been mistaken for another Radio DJ and at times I have been overlooked because I wasn't who they expected. Yet, this is the career that I chose and I love it.

This has led me to think about some of the misconceptions and things that I have encountered in my career and led me to compile a list of things you probably shouldn't say to someone on the radio.

You Don't Look How You Sound.

Sure I know what they're meaning but does that really make it any better. Nope, every person on the radio isn't a supermodel or 6 pack athlete, but there is something special about our talent. We literally wake up and go to bed thinking about how we can make our show better the next day. To discredit a person and base their talents on how they look is a shallow take on simply saying I love listening to your show.

Say Something Like You Would On The Radio.

I remember when I first moved here and I was out at a function on behalf of the radio station and I met someone for the first time. The person preceded to ask me to say something like I would on the radio. Contrary to popular belief we don't give traffic and weather updates every day when we are out about. Most of the people that I know sound exactly like we do on the radio and don't have a split personality when we are on or off the radio. However, some people feel like we should stop and give them a time check on the spot.

Can You Hook Me Up With Free Tickets?

I have been in the studio and gotten a text on my phone from people that I haven't talked to in years and the first thing they ask me about is tickets to an event. That usually comes right after "Hey Erik Tee, how have you been doing?" Most radio stations don't get many tickets to begin with and we want to make sure that our listeners, the people who listen to us regularly have a fair chance to win before we can even think about hooking up friends, especially ones we haven't talked to in a while.

What Are You Giving Away?

This usually happens when radio stations are doing live remotes at local businesses. Sometime before I even get the vehicle parked and set up things for the remote someone stops and asks what are you'll giving away. Most of the time our sole purpose is to bring customers to the business to patronize and buy things from them. Being able to get giveaways are an additional perk. Trust me we don't mind giving things away, but just give us time to set things up before you ask.

Can You Play Something Else?

This is a common thing not only on the radio but at events in clubs or parties. We get it this is not your favorite song, or maybe you're tired of hearing it but there is always someone who is enjoying the song and it may actually be their favorite song. In most cases one of your favorite songs will be coming on soon, just be patient and wait your turn.

We appreciate you all and know that without you there is no us. But just keep these things in mind and consider them before you decide to ask one of these questions. This is something that I have seen on the radio for several years and we all have stories that we can share and laugh about often.

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