Another day, another social media beef. 50 Cent, who’s famous for slandering rappers on Instagram, decided to aim his vitriol at Hot 97’s Ebro Darden. On Friday (Feb. 26), Fif and Ebro went tit-for-tat on Instagram over lack of radio support for New York rap artists.

To quickly recap, 50 took issue with Ebro's commentary this morning blaming the lack of camaraderie between New York artists on the 50 Cent and Ja Rule beef that ultimately divided the city.

That’s when the G-Unit leader jumped on his Instagram account and pointed the blame at Ebro and Hot 97 for not playing New York rap.

"This Guy said I destroyed New York HipHop because I didn't work with New York artist, to cover up he was the program director that wouldn't play there records. sMH," 50 wrote.

Ebro replied back cordially to 50 insisting that he always supported his music and invited him to come to the station to have a meaningful discussion.

"Hahahaha! You wanna do this @50cent!!? always supported you and NY artists... Ask Olivia, Rotimi, Lloyd, Yayo, Buck. Guess it's not enough? Or you trying to distract people from ya personal problems today? Love you bro. Be well and come by anytime," he wrote.

50 Cent was not having it and responded back with some more slander.

However, out the blue, podcaster Taxstone jumped into the fray backing up 50 Cent and delivering some heavy slander at Ebro on his Twitter account.

Not only did Taxstone blame Ebro for the downfall of New York rap, but he also called him and "old ass reptile" and demanded that he leaves New York.

Sheesh! Can we all get along? Read some of the slander, uh, opinions, below.

What do you think? Who is to blame for the supposed downfall of New York rap? Is it 50 Cent or Hot 97's Ebro Darden? Tell us in the comments below.

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