During a Tuesday (Sept. 10) interview with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club50 Cent told show co-host Charlamagne Tha God that he hasn't spoken to 6ix9ine since the rapper's arrest last fall, and that he wouldn't try talking to the rapper again.

After the interview was posted online, attorney Isaac Wright Jr., who was wrongfully convicted of being a New York and New Jersey-area drug kingpin in the early 1990s, jumped on his Instagram page to add some context to 50’s friendship with 6ix9ine. In his Instagram post, Wright claimed that the Power creator tried to hire him for 6ix9ine after the rapper was arrested for federal racketeering charges.

"The behind the scenes TRUE STORY that did not come out on the @breakfastclubam interview is that @50cent tried to help 69," wrote Wright, whose life story is being made into a TV series set to air on ABC. "50 called me and asked me to represent 69. I went to check him at MDC in Brooklyn. When I got there, they gave me an excuse that he was in Court then immediately transferred him to Queens detention. When I went to Queens, 69 refused to see me. That's when it was clear he was cooperating. Sad part is, he didn't have to do that. I would have got him off without him having to sell his soul..."

The comments that led directly to Wright's IG post stem from 50's back-and-forth with Charlamagne, who was shocked that 50 had seemingly abandoned a one-time friend.

“But that was your son, Fif,” Charlamagne said. “He’s his mother’s child now,” 50 replied. “After you do shit like that, you your mama’s child now. Don’t call me.”

50 is referring to Tekashi pleading guilty to federal charges and agreeing to cooperate with federal authorities back in January. Tekashi has been called out for "snitching" ever since.

In another interview, this one on Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning, 50, who has been performing at various club events during the summer, said he believes that fans will embrace 6ix9ine once again if the rapper makes the "right record."

"If he made the record, I believe the audience will play it," 50 said, adding that today's fans have little reverence for the rules of the streets. "They don't care."

You can read Isaac Wright Jr.'s Instagram post about 50 Cent's allegedly helping 6ix9ine below.

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