Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson may be one of the most aggressive and successful rappers in the entertainment business, but the man know’s a lot about corporate business and it’s structure as well. He’s experienced success in not only music, but also in clothing, film, promotions, and now his Effen Vodka brand.

50 sat down with Los Angeles’s Real 92.3 and answered a few questions. The question  that stood out the most though — why wasn’t he part of the Tidal deal, and would he be interested in music streaming services. According to the Get Rich, or Die Trying rapper, why would you subscribe to Tidal when you can get the same service somewhere else? Additionally 50 say’s most of the artists who share ownership in Tidal don’t own all of the rights to their own music. Something to consider right? For more watch the full video above and sound off in the comments below.

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