Talk about the "Odd Couple".  50 Cent is recruiting of all people, comedian Joan Rivers to help him sell his new energy drink Street King.  However, Fif is actually doing something quite noble with the proceeds of the drink.Find out what he's up to and how and why he decided to team up with Joan Rivers.  Plus, be on the look out for the commercial, coming to a TV screen near you in the very near future.  All the details are in Tha Wire, so press play now.




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Also, for the first time, pretty much, Nas is breaking his silence on the MAJOR controversy earlier this year which resulted with a U.S. promoter being kidnapped for a show that never went down in Angola.  Nas, sat down with MTV news and this is what he had to say;

He wanted me to come to Africa for New Year's.  Which to me I thought would be the best way to spend New Year's."  Then speaking as if he was talking directly to the promoter, he continued " You booked the flight, but no return flight.  I didn't have a visa.  You didn't send money til after I was supposed to jump on the plane to another country."

That, by the way was the problem.  Nas had the money and was a no-show at the concert.  So, basically the Angola promoters felt played and kidnapped Nas's promoter and his son.  The two were not released until the money, $300,000 was returned.  Crazy right?  Well there's more to the story, press play to get the rest with Tha Wire now.


Finally, as luck would have it Bobby Brown was charged with DUI, and I got all those details to.  Press play now to hear the scoop, skinny, mess and drama.  Here's Tha Wire.


Singer K$sha is basically know for doing weird stuff, but this latest stunt may have taken things to far.  Beleive it or not but, her blood will actually be available in a new record by Flaming Lips!  I kid you not, her actual blood.


Ke$ha recently collaborated with the group on their Record Store Day project, called The Flamin Lips and Heady Fwends.  Ke$ha shows up on a track called "2012", which also features rap legend Biz Markie.  For some reason, that wasn't all she contributed.

She also gave a vial of her blood to Flaming Lips front man Wayne Coyne, who says "What I'm going to try to do- and I'm collecting stuff for it as we speak- is I'm going to tr to make a record that has every person's blood in the record.  I don't have everybody's blood just yet, but I collected quite a few vials of blood and it's actually sitting in my refrigerator as we speak."

Usually when people say they are putting their blood, sweat and tears into something, I don't think they mean that literally.  However, it looks like that's what this man is gonna try and do.


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