Two days after being arrested in Brooklyn for driving without a license and subsequently being charged with assaulting a police officer6ix9ine steps forth to tell his side of the story.

Today (May 22), Tekashi used his Instagram account to upload a video in which he accuses the police of assaulting him. He also claims that they're corrupt. "All them stories—niggas did not touch no fucking police man," 6ix9ine says in one part of the video.

He continues, "Them niggas is fucking corrupt, them niggas beat the shit out of me. Know what I'm saying? That's regular shit. That's regular shit that happen in Brooklyn every single day bro, corrupt ass cops."

Elsewhere in the video, 6ix9ine shoots down claims that he squeezed a lieutenant's hand so hard that it became swollen.

"How the fuck [did] I squeeze your hand, how the fuck I pulled your arm out your socket if I'm in handcuffs?" 6ix9ine asked. "But you know, everybody wanna cover 'Tekashi Assaults a Cop.' Like no the fuck I did not."

6ix9ine was arraigned in Brooklyn Criminal Court and later released on $25,000 bail after being hit with his assault charge, which only added to his list of legal issues. I

Check out what the Brooklyn rapper's got to say in the video below. Keep an eye open for more updates.

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