It seems like our world is going to hell in a handbag as the old saying goes. The state of our country seems to be in trouble and there are plenty who are at blame. But let's start with the everyday people like you and me.
When I first saw this video I couldn't do anything but put my head down and simply say that this is sad. Whether or not this lady was in her right mind is something I can't specify. But it is sad the actions that she took and the language that came out of her mouth.
Check out this very distasteful video that I am sure she is going to have to live this down for years to come.

We truly have to do better and it starts with you and me. It may be to late to help this young lady, but we can make small changes to help make this a better place for us. I am sure there are some charges that she faced for doing this. But I do feel like an apology is in order as well. This is not acceptable and it should not become a part of the norm.

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