We're gonna help you keep your hands washed for the 99' and the 2020.

With everyone on heightened alert due to the coronavirus, you would think there would be this complex antidote that would help you and your family to remain immune from any peril while we close our eyes (and our browsers) and wait for this thing to eventually drift off into irrelevance. You know, kind of like SARS, Zika and all the other buzzword threats that we've survived over the last two decades.

But, nope. There's no magical elixir or complicated process. Instead, the CDC is advising us to simply wash our damn hands.

Washing your hands is one thing, but washing them effectively is another. According to the CDC, it is most effective to wash your hands for 20 seconds or the length of time it would take you to sing "Happy Birthday" twice. Let's be real; that song totally doesn't slap, so our friends at WWLTV came up with an amazing idea to wash your hands to the hooks of your favorite New Orleans rap classics instead.

Songs from Juvenile like "Back That Thang Up" and "Slow Motion" are perfect for getting those hands scrubbed. No Limit Classics like Master P's "Make Em Say Ugh" are the perfect songs to get your hands shining brighter than the No Limit tank.

You can check out WWL's  full list of songs here, but I've gone the extra step to include graphics from William Gibson's website WashYourLyrics.com where you can literally enter any song and it will tack the lyrics on to an official government poster containing graphics that illustrate how to properly wash your hands.

So let's get ready to scrub our paws like you used to scrub the ground at Nite Town.


You might have to do it in slow motion to make sure you get them extra clean.


You might even have to chop up the germs and dirt trying to hold you down.


Big thanks to WWL-TV for the inspo and kudos to William Gibson for a fun website that can be dangerously fun and eat up a TON of your productivity.

P.S. Don't be surprised if you literally sing any of these every time you wash your hands.