A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Kent Jones, Nick Grant, Russ and Don Q flex in their 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards cypher.

The Bronx was in the building as Highbridge the Label's own Don Q kicked things off, putting on for the Boogie Down. "They got a warrant for my arrest, 10 states back/Look at me now, we put public housing on the step/Now it's BET with $50,000 on my neck," he spits.

Next up to bless the beat mixed by DJ Scratch is Atlanta rhymer Russ, who managed to keep a toothpick in his mouth the entire time during his cypher run. "Haven't seen a first deal this crazy since Baby, don't play me, just pay me/Im the best white rapper since Shady/Tryna fit 10 years into a 16, that's hectic/all you got is Ls in your circle that's a Lexus," the long-haired rapper delivers.

The Bronx returns with A Boogie and those infectious melodies that made songs like "My Shit" so well-received. "I'm not just anybody, nigga, you can read about me/A Boogie on your girlfriend's speaker probably/All in my DMs, you want to be somebody," he raps.

Kent Jones, hailing from Tallahassee, Fla., cleverly threw in a Martin reference, making for one of the most memorable lines in the cypher. "I like a face like Rihanna, a body like Trina/And she call my dick Martin I put it in her vaGina," Kent rhymes.

Last but not least is Walterboro, S.C. rep Nick Grant. After listening to his lyrics, it's apparent Grant is heading for the big leagues. "So who's the king? I'm surrounding they spot/Modern day Pac, I'm Big, Jay, Andre and Nas," he states.

Watch these five newcomers show what they're made of in the cypher above.

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