Man I love me some Marvin Sapp when it comes down to the great music. Marvin has been killing the charts when it comes down to gospel and even the R&B charts.

Well, last year a person who was very dear to Marvin, his manager, his friend -- and first and foremost -- his wife First Lady Malinda Prince Sapp died of cancer. He was riding high on the charts with "Best In Me" and had to really take a break because of the situation. This of course is a bad situation for any of us, but Marvin took time to focus on his three kids and his church for the remainder of the year. Now I am happy to say that the man is back with a new single that is a testament to his wife and the music. Here is the new single "My Testimony" from his forthcoming release "I win" dropping on March 12, 2012! Check it out and get motivated on today from Pastor Marvin Sapp!



Hopefully this was a blessing to you and maybe after this you'll realize that we all have a Testimony! I can't wait until the new release is available!