Lil Scrappy is a wanted man.  Atlanta authorities say a warrant has been issued for his arrest after the rapper refused to give a urine sample to his probation officer.


As part of his probation, Scrappy is required by law to under go frequent urine tests.  His probation stems from a 2008 arrest.  In that incident, the rapper had gotten into a  fight with his sister's boyfriend at an apartment.  As a result Scrappy was stabbed several times. However, when police showed up, he ended up being arrested and charged with felony possession of a weapon, obstruction of officers and felony possession of marijuana.

TMZ reports that during his recent routine urine test, the rapper gave authorities cold urine.  Suspecting that the urine was not his, he was asked to urinate in front of officers for a second sample and he refused.  Because of that, he was in violation of his probation and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

According to reports, the rapper was not present at a recent “Love And Hip-Hop Atlanta” screening in New York.  His fiance' Erica was there and when questioned, she alluded to the fact that he had some legal issues to take care of but didn't elaborate.

TMZ is saying that Scrappy is going to turn himself in sometime next week and is expected to appear in court May 16 to address the situation.