Today in Tha Wire, Lil Scrappy and his friend, rapper/promoter Ca$ino Roulette, are still recovering from a near fatal car accident in Miami. Both men were seriously injured a couple of weeks ago, and very lucky to be alive today. As previously reported, the accident occurred after the rapper, turned reality star and his boy left the famous King of Diamonds strip club. Scrappy, whose real name is Darryl Kevin Richardson, was behind the wheel, and Roulette was a passenger. Shortly after leaving the club, the car left the road, and crashed into a light pole. Below is recently released video footage of the crash, and as well as a video of the rapper talking to TMZ about what he remembers about the accident.

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star and his friend were rushed to a nearby Miami hospital, where they were treated in ICU. Miami police investigated the wreck, and have since cleared Lil Scrappy of any criminal charges. AllHipHop reported police ruled out drugs, or alcohol playing a role in the accident. They believe the star simply fell asleep at the wheel.

Scrap was pretty banged up, but his foot was nearly crushed in the accident. TMZ reports the stars foot was broken in seven places, and he'll need several months of therapy. Right now the TV star needs a wheelchair to get around. Sources say when he's able to walk, he'll still need a walker, because it's going to take months for his bones to completely heal.

As far as recovery, Lil Scrappy has a long road ahead of him. The good news is, after 8-days in the hospital, he'll be able to recoup in the comforts of his own home. The week he was finally been released from the hospital. The bad news is, his boy Roulette is now suing him for damages he sustained in the accident according to reports.

Ca$ino Roulette was also released from the hospital, and recuperating at home in South Carolina. AllHipHop reports he's taking legal action against Scrappy, because he was badly injured in the accident. Roulette filed a civil suit seeking an undisclosed amount of funds to cover medical expenses, and lost wages. The rappers claims his injuries were life-altering, and he's holding Scrappy responsible for his pain and suffering. Roulettes lawyer, Brett L. Schlacter, told TMZ his client is, "lucky to be alive." The attorney said Scrappy's falling asleep at the wheel was negligent and reckless.

Roulette spent 3-days in ICU following the accident. He had to undergo two surgeries to repair a ruptured large intestine, in addition to a concussion, broken ribs, bruised lungs, liver and kidneys.

Not sure how Scrap is taking this, but I'll keep you posted. That's Tha Wire, check back for the best in entertainment news. Stay in the know, with Tha People's Station 107 Jamz.


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