Straight Outta Compton cast members have really had some trouble lately. On Sunday (Aug. 27), just a few weeks after the film's cast member R. Marcos Taylor was charged with four counts of assault, his castmate Jason Mitchell was handcuffed and detained after cursing out flight attendants on a Delta Airlines flight. TMZ reported the news on Monday (Aug. 28).

According to the site, Mitchell, who played the role of Eazy-E in Straight Outta Compton, screamed at flight attendants after finding that his first class seat had been taken by someone else when he boarded the plane. It wasn't pretty.

"Why the fuck you doing that to everybody else?" Mitchell shouts in the video. "Man fuck that, I ain't getting off shit. Man fuck all that, get off the phone, White man. Pussy ass shit ya'll doing. I want this whole plane to see this shit."

Mitchell ends his tirade by saying, "Fuck you" to pretty much all of the flight attendants before being asked to be let off the plane. As we said earlier, he was handcuffed and detained after getting off his flight.

Here's the thing: Delta says they didn't overbook his flight. According to them, Mitchell was late to his first class flight, so he was put on standby for a flight later that day. That's why he no longer had a first class seat when he got on the later flight.

Delta won't press charges, and though TMZ reached out to Mitchell's reps, they didn't get a response.

Watch a video of Mitchell's tirade below.

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