The number of child molestation allegations against Afrika Bambaataa continues to rise as another man has come forward accusing the now ousted Zulu Nation leader of abusing young boys.

A Bronx man, who calls himself OG Half Pint, appeared on Doggie Diamonds TV claiming that Bambaataa started the "corny ass Zulu Nation" as a scheme to prey on little boys. "That mother---er goes to Africa in the early 70s...and he went over there f---ing them little boys, sucking their d---s because they're poor," he says (via HipHopDX). "And [he] comes back with this Zulu Nation s---. And this is his reason for having boys around. He knows his plan."

Half Pint claims he experienced Bambaataa's pedophilia first hand. "I'm gonna tell y'all how he tried this s--- with me," he began. "We was [in Bambaataa's house] f---ing with the music in there and I said, 'Bam I gotta go to the bathroom. So I goes to the bathroom and like four seconds later, this n---- comes to the bathroom like 'Half Pint I gotta get something outta the bathroom,' looking in the medicine cabinet and don't find nothing but then, I'm peeing already and this n---- goes 'Ooh, I gotta pee!' and whips his d--- out and pees and I'm looking at his d--- and he's looking at mine and I'm 12-years-old and I know this isn't normal."

Although no formal charges has been brought up against him because of statute of limitation, Bambaataa have vehemently denied all allegations by several accusers.

“I never abused nobody,” Bambaataa tells Lisa Evers in a Fox 5 interview.

“What is the motivation, what is the agenda?” he adds. “It’s hard to say. You don’t know what many of these people are thinking. What is behind it. Some parts are saying it could be shakeups. Certain things people might have wanted.”

Attorneys for Afrika Bambaataa had no comment on the recent allegations.

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