Life is amazing! I have to be honest with you. I had no idea things would turn out the way they had. I am grateful that things have worked out the way they have. I give all honor to God. Whether I understood what was happening, he was and still is always in charge.

I began my radio journey with Townsquare Media on 107.5 FM on August 7, 2000, in the Midday time slot. Back then, the station was an R&B music format, and our name was V107.5 (shout out to Don Tracy, RIP Marco, and Vanilla Wig). A few years later, Erik Tee came on board, and we changed our name to 107 Jamz, and format to Hip Hop shortly after.


Me, Eazy, and Big Boy were the main DJs, but we had an awesome crew throughout the years (shoutout to Jaz, Magic Mike, D'Avery, Ludwig, Cullen, Chuck, Derrick, Kinfolk, Josh, RIP Craig.) Since then, everyone has moved on to different journeys in life, and I guess that's what life is all about. Evolving.

Sometimes we want things to stay the same, not realizing that we can't grow if they do. Ironically, I was the first and last original DJ on 107 Jamz. Today was my last day as a regular air personality on Jamz. But I leave the station's airways in good hands. Before leaving the air on Jamz, it was important to me that the station kept a female voice.

Lady DJs are incredibly important because to bring a different but needed perspective to the radio. Trust me, I should know! So, as I leave my air shift on 107 Jamz, I proudly pass the torch to New York's Hot 97 Nessa and her co-host Katrina! Nessa's a radio vet, and I know she will be a powerhouse here in SWLA.

Listen to her show 'Nessa On Air,' which will premiere on 107 Jamz from 2 pm to 7 pm on Monday, July 31! Special thanks to Mike, Amanda, and Amy for helping me get this done.


With Nessa's show in place, my next radio journey officially takes flight. I will still be a huge part of 107 Jamz and continue to bring you Tha Wire, local and national endorsements, and in the streets on location! As far as my new role?

I am the Brand Manager/Digital Content Director for KJMH 107 Jamz and KTSR Magic 92.1FM! I will now focus on building our sister station, Magic 92.1FM Lake Charles #1 Station For R&B into the powerhouse radio station that 107 Jamz has become.

Talk about going full circle! Ladies and gentlemen, please join me for 'The Midday Show' from 9 am - 2 pm on Magic 92.1FM! Check me out Monday through Friday. Listen live at Follow me on Facebook and make sure you download the Magic App.

Not having an actual air show on 107 Jamz will take some getting used to, but I am ready to see what I can do on Magic. It's a great station, and I look forward to making it even better! I would be nowhere in radio without my fellow peers, leading, training, and guiding me to this point. You are appreciated. Thank you. I love you all.

To the listeners of SWLA, thank you all for sharing this journey with me. Radio is nothing without your support! Well...a new chapter in my radio career has officially begun. Let's get it!

Your forever, Midday Diva Gina Cook.

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