While there have been years of speculations about Comedian and Actor Bill Cosby and his sexual tryst. There has never officially be proof or any of the accusations. Well comedian Hannibal Buress did a routine on last year and he brought it to the forefront and as the old saying goes "All Hell Broke Loose". There seem to be one after another one and at last check I think it was about 10-15 different women who accused the vintage comedian of some form of rape.

While some folks would say that if you're innocent then you have nothing to talk about, but there were those who wanted to see what his thoughts are about the allegations. Alot of us including myself don't want to believe it because of the impression that we have of him. I know that I grew up with him and looked at Cliff Huxtable as someone that I would have loved to have as a father. Well he recently sat down with ABC News along with his attorneys to address some of those concerns.


Bill Cosby Talks About The Pending Rape Allegations Against Him:

I think he handled the interview very well and whether the allegations are true or not, we can only hope that the case can be settled amicably and possibly we can move past all of this. Of course one the story broke, there were alot of companies who pulled out of agreements that were in the plan for Bill Cosby. However he has been touring to various sold out shows over the past few months.

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