Another day, another dollar, another artist is ordered to pay child support. 


Akon filed a paternity test against Rozina Negusei, one of his baby mamas, asking the court to establish custody, child support and legally recognize him as the father of their two young boys.

After the tests results proved that Akon was in deed the father, he had to submit documents proving his monthly income — a whooping $40,000.  Based on that number, the judge ordered him to pay $5,000/month for the boys.  If you think that's not much for a man making 5 figures a month, it isn't actually.  However, he has six other children and luckily enough for him, the judge took into consideration.

At the end of the day, Akon's baby mama received sole physical custody of the two boys and will share legal custody with their daddy.  Of course, Akon will get a say in all major decisions and will cover his boys health insurance as well.