Everyone is talking about the temperatures dropping and possibly giving us freezing conditions next week. I am possibly the only one actually anticipating and wanting it for our area. I do understand this would bring unfavorable conditions on the road, but we didn't really have too much of a winter, in my opinion.

The last time I remember us having snow was around 2018, and it actually stuck around for a couple of days. Fast-forward to now, and the temperatures are supposed to be in the low 20s soon. I will tell you all to be safe and take care. With the temperatures being that low, it could cause power lines to become frozen. This is the ideal time to check on your loved ones during this time, as well. But just a little snow would be lovely for me, personally.

The beginning of this year has not been the best for me with losing my mom during this time. A great highlight for me would be to have a little snow, as it would help me reminisce back to when I was younger. I remember throwing snow at my mom and almost getting my tail beat as the snow hit the inside of her car. Let's just say the trip to school wasn't the best.

On a serious note, get prepared now, as we don't know what the conditions will be in the days ahead. Get plenty of water and pull out those blankets for the next few days. Most of all, be safe on the road if you still have to drive into work during those days.

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