Buyers beware! People are coming out of the woodwork to join a lawsuit against Amazon, the owners of the home security/smart home company, Ring Inc. According to TMZ several customers who own the Ring Doorbell Camera, filed a class-action lawsuit alleging their cameras were hacked! They say both companies are negligent for not providing a more "robust" security system to prevent hackers from invading their privacy and leaving them dangerously vulnerable to stalkers. .

Another Ring customer, John Baker Orange, claimed someone hacked his outdoor surveillance cameras and began taunting his kids as they played basketball. TMZ reports that Amazon has refused to take responsibility for their faulty firewall protection thus far. Not only that, but the plaintiffs allege the iconic marketplace retailer blamed them for getting hacked. Mr. Orange and the mother in Mississippi have joined by at least 6 other families in the class-action lawsuit against Amazon and Ring Inc.

More details surrounding the suit are coming soon.

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