Everyone is going crazy with the Iphone craze. Apple can basically release anything and the buzz will be crazy for it. I will not say that I am not a fan as I have an Iphone, Pad and Pod. It's a very convenient little piece of machinery and I am sure that everyone loves the access to music with the Apple Music store.


But I have to admit there are some diehard fans who will literally die waiting in line for the latest Apple device. When I saw this clip I couldn't help but to think about how someone would actually believe  that this was true and would be looking to reserve their phone just in time. Check out this hilarious spoof clip.


Are you ready for the new Iphone SE:

No this is not true, or is it? Anyway it's amazing how folks will stand in line for hours sometimes days to get their new device. What's even more funny is the fact that they generally come out with an upgrade within the next year and folks will do it all over again.

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