As always if you wanna be caught up in more drama than usual, simply talk to the paparazzi.

One of the TMZ paparazzi caught up with Halle Berry’s ex-lover Eric Benet, to ask him how he felt about Halle’s current custody battle over daughter Nahla. Eric avoided the question for the most part saying “I just have best wishes for the little girl.” Before Eric had a chance of getting away, the camera-man asked him one last question–”Is it true your friends used to call her Halle Scary? That was kind of like a nickname they penned her?” Benet says “Ah Man, you going back deep, you going back in ancient history.” That wasn’t a yes but it very well wasn’t a no either!

via Did Eric Benet's Friends Called Halle Berry "Halle Scary?" | The Urban Daily.

Well Eric is moving on and getting prepared to be married to of all people, Princes ex-wife. The Papaazzi is always trying to stir up more mess and drama.

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