I recently posed a question on the 107 Jamz Facebook page and wanted to know if people were ready to get back to normal this Friday. The governor is lifting the stay-at-home order and gyms, casinos, churches, and other businesses will reopen under the Phase One roll out.

Here are some of the comments from the post on whether or not people would be moving around like normal once the ban is lifted.

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I think there are truly mixed reviews all the way around. Business owners want to get back to business, obviously, so they can make money. The customers need the businesses to open so they can shop and purchase necessities. Also, they are tired of being in the house and want to have a place to go. However, from the comments above, there are plenty of people who have doubts and aren't sure things are actually as safe as some would say.

The realization is that, regardless of how you decide to take action, you should still practice social distancing and wash your hands regularly as you have before. I truly feel that we will never get back to the normality we are used to. We will simply have to get adjusted to the new norm.

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