This past Saturday I had the chance to have a one on one with Artist Lloyd G. Wade. He was in town for Gallery Talk, which is a part of the Black Heritage Gallery. It was truly a privilege to meet him and talk with him about some of his paintings and the meanings behind them. The attending group was truly in awe as he talked about his early starts and influences in his life which has lead to his works being displayed and sold all over the world.


I arrived a little earlier to speak with the organizers of the event Stella Miller and Jeanine Blaney. We talked about some of the upcoming events that they will be doing which I highly recommend that you consider checking out this year. From the very first piece of art From Lloyd, I was truly impressed by everything I saw. Here are some that caught my eye from his collection soon along with the title. When I spoke with Lloyd I wanted to get a backstory on his paintings and many were truly a conversation piece. I would highly recommend that you stop by the Black Heritage Gallery and check out his works on the 2nd floor. Many of them are priced to sell for the exclusive room that I am sure you are looking to decorate.

Thanks to all who came through yesterday for Gallery Talk with Lloyd G. Wade and make sure you check out his site as well for more great pieces that you may want to purchase for yourself or gift to someone special. You can find many of his works at


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