PNB Rock who a lot of people know from singing the hook on YFN Lucci's song "Everyday we Lit" He was recently told to leave the premises of a hotel in which he was staying at and decided to take it out on the establishment.

What did he do you ask? Well he decided to spit on the walls in the bathroom and then decided to urinate in the hall way of the hotel. While this is truly sad enough, he then decided to film it all. There is a thing called snitching on yourself and it's sad that these young cats don't understand this. Well he got the often imitated but never duplicated Donkey Of The Day from Charlamagne Tha God. Check it out below.

As they mentioned in the clip above, he is potentially going to get sued for his actions and possibly have the hardest time getting a stay at any hotel after this unless it's some cheap week to week hotel. We have to do better and I hope that after this roast, he gets some much needed help and just focuses on making music in the future.

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