Beaumont Texas Mayor, Becky Ames, apparently broke her stay-at-home order as she made a visit to a local nail salon. Apparently, she had discussed issues with her nails to the owner who in turn was supposed to leave a remedy. However, it ended up being a quick trip to the salon for a treatment.

This not only angered the citizens of Beaumont, but it also made national news as this was discovered by famed radio personality Charlemagne Tha God, who gave her the Donkey Of The Day.

I can vouch that we are all ready to get the ball rolling and get back to our normal activities. However, I am not a doctor or scientist, and I will rely on the professionals to decide when it's time to get back out there. This is a disappointment as she is the person locally who makes the rules for her city, and to see her display a form of being vain is not leadership.

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