Swedish prosecutors want A$AP Rocky to serve six months in prison for allegedly assaulting a man last month.

While at Rocky's hearing on Friday (Aug. 2), BBC News journalist Maddy Savage reports that the prosecution says Rocky should be judged more harshly after the rapper threw the alleged victim, Mustafa Jafari, to the ground during their street brawl in the streets of Stockholm.

After comparing the incident to previous cases like it, the prosecution claims that Rocky and his crew used an excessive amount of force against 19-year-old Jafari. Using recent sentences for similar crimes, which usually amounted to six-to-10 months behind bars, the prosecution argued that Rocky should be sentenced to six months.

During his testimony on Aug. 1, Rocky, who was charged with assault in Sweden last week, pleaded to the Swedish court that he solely acted in self-defense in the fight that has had him behind bars since July 2. Later on, the 30-year-old Harlem MC admitted that he was scared during the final moments before the brawl went down.

"These guys were, you know, their behavior was very weird and we didn't know what to expect," Rocky explained. "It got a little scary for us. I couldn't help but assume that these guys were under the influence of some type of drugs."


Rocky explained that the entire situation started when he and his crew stopped to download an app to rent scooters when Jafari and his friends approached them and began to harass them. Rocky, born Rakim Mayers, pleaded not guilty to assault along with his two co-defendants, Bladimir Corniel and David Rispers, this past Tuesday (July 30).

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