Sharon Reed is a CBS anchor from Atlanta who was faced with hate during the big mayoral election that happened Tuesday night between Keisha Lance Bottoms and Mary Norwood. The race was truly a tight race, but Keisha won by a thin line. There is now a call from Mary Norwood for a recount, but we don't know if this will happen or not. Either way there was a viewer watching the newscast last night who sent a message to Sharon while she was hosting the news and decided to give some disparaging remarks.

When Sharon decided to respond, I think it is safe to say that she really held her own and kept it professional. She also made the lady feel this small from her response. Check out the clip below and watch a rebuttal.

It truly is sad to see that we live in a world where some folks are truly lost in the pass and will not progress. The city of Atlanta is a metroplex of entertainment full of great individuals and truly a great city. Unfortunately there are simple minded individuals who feel like the world revolves around them and feel like they can say what they want regardless of the way someone takes it.

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