One of the biggest movies this weekend and possibly the only movie to take the top spot from "Black Panther" is "A Wrinkle In Time". The director of the movie Ava DuVernay is at the helms of this blockbuster film. She is from Long Beach, California the home of Snoop Dogg and the state of Kendrick Lamar.

She is also the director behind "Selma" and the huge documentary "The 13th". Well she stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk to them about the upcoming movie and also how she got started filming after 30 and what she is working on next.


Ava DuVernay Talks A Wrinkle In Time and Jay- Z:

Check out the trailer for the movie that would be opening up this weekend and I am pretty sure that this movie will be the number one box office and will possibly be on  top for the rest of the month. As Charlamagne said this is a great movie for Fathers and Daughters and kids in general.

A Wrinkle In Time Trailer:

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