One of my favorite shows that have been in households around the world, and exposed the many to another side of Louisiana culture is coming to an end. According to, after 7 seasons with Tuesday's (Nov 16) episode being the finale of the sixth season. The hit show will end next year with filming beginning at the top of 2022. The show was an instant hit with show creator Ava Duvernay scripting the series after the book of the same name by Natalie Baszille.

Over the years we have grown accustomed to the Bordelon family featuring Ralph Angel, Charley, and Nova Bordelon with so many other great characters or family members that we have grown to love and see grow over the years. I have been a fan since the beginning, and my wife and I set up our dates to watch it weekly, and prepare for the break. We always pick right back up again when it returns. It's sad that it is ending, but we all know that all good things come to an end, and generally we have to watch re-runs or become fans of a new show.

I am sure that this will open up opportunities for the actors to gravitate to other roles, and will allow the show's creator Ava to work on new show ideas as she has done with "Colin in Black And White", and others that will be coming within the year. How do you feel about one of our favorites coming to an end with the news of the season finale in the news?



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