Azealia Banks reignited her long-running on-again-off-again beef with Nicki Minaj on Thursday (July 5) with a series of tweets criticizing the "Chun-Li" rapper for her costume choice in the upcoming "Bed" video.

The outburst started after Minaj posted on Instagram images from the video shoot featuring herself on a beach wearing a mermaid tail. Banks, having posed back in 2012 as a cartoon mermaid on the cover of her debut mixtape Fantasea, took the artistic decision as biting her style and dissed Nicki's execution of the look.

"Why does nicki Minaj have to be so damn corny," she wrote in the opening tweet. "Like sometimes it's just like sis !!!!! Find some art !!! Please !! Lol."

Banks continued with aggressive comments about the tail, saying Minaj gives her "aunty chicken of the sea tuna in a can baked potato vibes," and claiming the rapper has butt implants. She also accused Nicki of ripping off Lil Kim.

"Did she invent any of the shit she stole from Lil Kim and accuses female rappers of stealing from her? Or was I really the first rap mermaid???" Azealia tweeted. She also criticized Minaj on Instagram but has since deleted her post.

The comments renew a conflict that seemed to finally resolve in September 2017 after Banks wrote Minaj a thoughtful letter apologizing for her "catty shit" in the past. The Queen of Cash Money responded with grace, advising Banks, "You're very talented & very smart. Focus on what really matters from now on."

Well, it was chill while it lasted. Banks is set to release her new song "Treasure Island" on July 13 from a forthcoming Fantasea sequel, so it's easy to see why she might be sensitive to other rappers deploying the seapunk aesthetic.

The "Bed" video is expected to drop in the next 24 hours, per Nicki's Instagram. She has not yet responded to Banks' tweets. You can view those tweets, as well as Nicki's Instagram posts, below.

See Azealia Banks' Tweets Criticizing Nicki Minaj's Mermaid Suit

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