Several publications have come out with similar stories surrounding a longstanding beef between Will Smith and Chris Rock. Ever since Smith slapped the iconic comedian/actor Sunday, March 27, 2022, at the Oscars. To be clear it was a very special night in that for the very first time in history the entire production of the legendary awards show was done by an all-Black producing team. So, the incident was bad enough, but it occurred at the worst possible time.

This was so out of character for Will Smith, everyone was left silent in the room trying to wrap their minds around what happened. It was just that stunning. Many stars said Will was wrong, but didn't give Chris a pass and pointed out that making fun of a person's wife is not cool. By the way, Rock has done this on more than one occasion, which is why celebs are kinda asked for it Chris.

Being nominated was one thing, but winning an Oscar if you were a person of color wasn't going to happen. So, Will and Jada were already upset with the Academy Awards for overlooking his work in 'Ali' in 2002 and 'The Pursuit of Happiness' in 2007. The 2016 Oscars was the second year in a row that all 20 nominations only included  White actors. So Jada, Will, and several major stars black and white announced a boycott. Will, was also ignored once again for his 2015 film 'Concussion.' At the same time, Jada's Madagascar co-star Chris Rock landed the Oscars hosting gig.

Jada sent him a video and congratulated him and explained that she was not going to attend due to the Oscar's 80+ years of ignoring Black films and actors for awards. The night of the show Rock ridiculed Jada cracking jokes at her expense insinuating she wasn't invited anyway and that Will was overpaid among several other disrespectful unprovoked attacks. Thus, setting the stage for last nights come to Jesus slap in the face.

Jada and Will were not laughing and that was the end of their friendship with Rock. Jada's alopecia diagnosis has been well-publicized and she has been very open about her painful journey since 2018 both on her social media pages and on her show Red Table Talk. So, for the second time, Chris knew that he was hitting her with a low blow. He also knew he was issuing another unprovoked attack on a woman that was going through a very painful medical condition. Will appeared to try and play it off, but seeing the pain in his wife's face made him spring into action.

Personally, I'm still not totally convinced the slap was real. If it really was, I think they were both wrong. Will should have never put his hands on Chris. He could have and should have checked backstage about what he did. It was cruel of Chris to use Jada's illness to attack her on national TV for a second time, he was dead wrong it's hard to feel sorry for him. Fighting is not the best way to handle our differences. At the same time, if you continue to poke a bear you should expect to get bit. Besides, everyone knows family is off-limits in any beef. Once a person talks about somebodies mama, wife, or kids the gloves come off.

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