What seem like out the blue was the news of the new Bad Boys coming to theaters. We have long wanted a new one as fans. But it seemed like Will Smith was having the time of his life with movies and Martin Lawrence wasn't doing to bad himself.

Well not only did the come back together to work on the film, but it has already been completed and they have released a new trailer for the movie. It includes more comedy and action and the language is not to shabby either.

Peep out the trailer for Bad Boys For Life hitting theaters in January 2020.

There are some actors who have a great chemistry when it comes to creating movies or music and Will and Martin hit it on the head. While it's been 16 years since the last Bad Boys movie came out. All of the die hard fans were waiting on this to be released and the lines will be long for the premiere. I have already checked on getting some merchandise for the occasion.

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