Today in Tha Wire it's official the highly anticipated sequel to the Bad Boys franchise is on the way! The dynamic duo of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence return to the big screen to reprise their roles Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett in Bad Boys For Life. The 3rd installment of the iconic movie franchize began filming yesterday (Tuesday, January 15, 2019) in Atlanta. According to PEOPLE the plot of BB3 is being kept under wraps for now, but they'll be some new faces joining the cast like Vikings star Alexander Ludwig and Vanessa Hudgens, Paola Nuñez, Charles Melton, and Jacob Scipio.

Original cast member Joe Pantoliano is reprising his role as Captain Howard as well. So far there's been no mention on whether Gabrielle Union or Theresa Randle will be back as Lowry and Burnett's love interests, but we got our fingers crossed. Other than that, it's going down! Look for Bad Boys For Life to take over theaters around the world on January 17, 2020.

Producers knew they had a goldmine after the first Bad Boys. The original flick came out in 1995, with a budget of $23 million it turned over a huge profit bringing in nearly $200 million at the box office. One things for sure, Will and Martin's Hollywood star power exploded! They became blockbuster kings after that starring in films like Independence Day, Men In Black, and The Wild Wild West, A Thin Line Between Love and Hate, Life, Big Mama's House and many others. After a few delays, they were able to start filming Bad Boys II. The movie would cost triple to make, with a budget of $130 million, but it didn't disappoint. Part II killed the game at theaters as well. earning an incredible $273.3 million in 2003.

It's been 15 years but no worries, Smith, 50, and Lawrence, 53, got the same movie magic chemistry. Some of the hold-up for BB3 has been their schedules, because both of them working a few projects. Will has two more movies lined up like, Suicide Squad 2 and Bright 2, and Martin just wrapped-up 19-days on the road with his insanely successful Lit AF Tour December 31, 2018.

DJ Khaled surprised fans Tuesday and announced he will also be joining the Bad Boys cast!

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