Well, the 2012 election just got a lot more interesting.  After years of sitting on the fence about the issue, U.S. President Barack Obama officially lent his support to same-sex marriages today.  Let the games begin!

It’s one of those situations that’s surprising, but isn’t.  Everyone was already kind of feeling that Obama secretly supported same-sex marriage but wouldn’t officially say so for political reasons.  In an exclusive interview with ABC News today, Obama said the decision was an “evolution” of ideas over several years.

The White House loosened up the ground earlier this week when U.S. Vice President Joe Biden lent his support to the movement.  Hey, guess what folks — it’s an election year.  There’s not a lot of room for fence-riding.  Obama was going to have to pick a side, and he did it.

So what so you think?  Is it the right move?  Is he making a mistake?

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