This Black History Month, Cleo Wade, a best-selling author, poet, and activist teamed up with Barbie to create a collection of dolls that celebrate “the power, brilliance, and determination of Black women” throughout history, according to People. People reports that Wade, dubbed “the Millennial Oprah”, worked with Barbie on the theme and style of the dolls including the fact that the dolls represent past, present, and future generations of black women fighting for change.

The first group of dolls are decked out with traditional 1960s clothing and accessories including cat-eye sunglasses. The sign they hold reads “We fight with love. We win with love.” The second group of dolls, representing the present, are wearing face masks and holding signs that say “Enough is enough”, “She is me. We matter”, and “We cannot overcome what we ignore.” These powerful signs appear to be a nod to the peaceful protests that were held in 2020 due to the ongoing issue of racial injustice. The third image features young black women of the future holding colorful signs reading, “We are the builders who are…”, “Building a [world] that has never been built before.”

People talked with Cleo Wade on her collection where she said she “really wanted to center the power and brilliance of Black Women and the significant role Black Women have played and continue to play in the progress of America's social movements" in honor of Black History Month. People also asked her how she hopes the dolls will inspire others to which Wade responded, “ I hope young Black Girls will see this and know how important they are, know how much they matter, and have always mattered. Black women are nation-shapers and world-changers."

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