We all love the mischievous sound of fireworks going off, while there are two known days I know of to pull out the fireworks. Obviously, the celebration of the New Year and for many the Fourth of July. This is where we tend to hear plenty of fireworks all over the city and parish for that matter.

However, have you really taken in consideration others when you are popping your fireworks? The reason why I ask this is because on January 1 when my family and I woke up and decided to move around a little, we noticed something in our yard: the leftover papers from our neighbors celebration earlier that morning. One thing I am not is a Scrooge when it comes to popping off fireworks. I burnt my hand many times when I was younger. I also used to do them with my son when he was younger. My only problem is the safety of them being used. This is not only for personal safety, as I mentioned I was injured several times back in the day.

There is also the concern of neighbors' homes. While we were very fortunate that we didn't have any issues, the very firework we found in our yard could have done plenty of damage due to setting a fire and potentially leaving us without a home. I don't know if there are things that could be done to prevent them from lighting up someone's lawn for future purposes, but I would highly recommend we all take precautions to prevent things from happening.

I was talking to one of my coworkers who told me how he and his son were popping fireworks a few years ago and it could have gone bad. So, have your fun during those times, but just remember to use common sense and safety when utilizing those fireworks in front of your home.

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