It's all hands on deck with what will go down in history as the worst wildfire event in Louisiana. Firefighters, emergency responders, the National Guard, and all local, state, and Parish officials are working feverishly to stamp out the ongoing fires in Beauregard Parish. Now more than ever, SWLA residents are asked to gather and conserve water use.

The Beauregard Office of Emergency Preparedness says they must retain water at all costs. The wildfire has burned through water pipes, causing a massive loss of 700 gallons a minute. Meanwhile, every measure is being taken to extinguish the blaze. Sadly, many people are being forced to leave their homes as conditions and air quality diminish due to the fire.

Mandatory evacuations have been issued to get residents out of harm's way in several towns. With power outages and people getting displaced temporarily, it's difficult to watch the news and keep up with where assistance and resources are available. So, we have put together this Beauregard Wildfire Evacuations, Resource, And Information page to help get the word out. For continuous updates concerning the wildfire, see the City of DeRidder Facebook page.

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