Over the last two years, many school boards around the state announced next-generation metal detectors were being installed. Schools in Baton Rouge, Jennings, Desoto Parish, Lafayette Parish, Orleans Parish, and many others have all implemented new safety protocols to make schools in Louisiana safer.

Calcasieu Parish announced it was following suit in February with students and visitors at DeQuincy, Starks, and Vinton High Schools among the first in SWLA to experience the new weapons detectors. On Monday, May 6, many middle and high school students in Lake Charles will be introduced to metal detectors in their school for the first time.

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KLFY reports that CPSB Superintendent Shannon LaFargue said all high schools in the district will have weapon detectors installed in the coming weeks. A necessary security measure that's going into place for increased campus security. Do you think this is a good idea? LaFargue explained Monday

“We want our students to learn and our employees to work in the safest environment that we can provide,” LaFargue continued. “The addition of weapons detectors on campuses adds an additional layer of security, and we are grateful to be able to provide this in our district.

We take the responsibility of protecting the children of this community to heart, and we will continue to take measures that strengthen their safety, and the safety of all employees, while on our campuses.”

The district’s ongoing commitment to student and staff safety may be slow-moving for the first few days. From now on, the entire student body, faculty members, parents, and visitors will be subject to the weapons detectors and enter schools through one designated entrance. That is going to take some time, so there's a good chance students are going to be late getting to first-hour classes.

According to KPLC, school board officials said the weapons detectors are a grant-funded initiative.  As students and visitors get used to the new safety procedure, CPSB officials ask everyone to be patient and understanding.

If you are a parent/guardian what do you think about your child's school having metal detectors? Is this a good idea or not? Do you think schools are going to be safer or is this a waste of time?

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