It looks as if Louisiana crawfish got themselves a passport, and took a family trip across the pond. They are reportedly "taking over Tiergarten park in Berlin," and it has local's worried about what effect they will have on wildlife native to the area.

If someone owns an aquarium that has crawfish living in it, they can become a problem when they devour the vegetation inside the tank. For that reason, some believe the delicious mudbugs were dumped at the park by aquarium owners.

They also worry the crawfish will spread a disease to other wildlife, and according to SkyNews, "Heavy rainfall in recent weeks may have altered the water balance or drowned the caverns in which the crawfish were living in Berlin."

No one in Germany is allowed to catch and cook the crawfish due to "strict poaching laws." Anyone caught capturing crawfish face criminal charges. For now, German officials are hoping "foxes and raccoons" do the work for them. I've got a splendid idea, lift the poaching laws and invite some Louisiana Cajun's and Creole's to come and fix their "problem," free of charge. I've got my passport ready, just send me the flight information, and I'll bring the seasoning!

Check out more videos of crawfish taking over Berlin's Tiergarten Park via Twitter.

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