Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show
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Today in Tha Wire Beyoncé is taking ova Summer 2019! This has already been a big week for Mrs. Carter, but looks like she's not done blessin' the Hive yet. A few hours ago AllHipHop reported Bey released her groundbreaking album visual Lemonade to ALL streaming services! Yaassss honey, that includes Spotfly and Apple Music too!

This is pretty BIG! Bey is givin her Hive something to buzz about, especially outside of 2016 HBO Special, Lemonade could only be viewed on Mr. Carter's TIDAL for 24 hours. After three years, now it's available to EVERYONE! See the iconic album visual again or for the very first time. Enjoy!

Meanwhile back at the Beyhive, the Queen gave birth to another BIG surprise...a new choreography version of her powerful track, "Formation!" No one will forget how the diva performed the groundbreaking anti-police violence, Black anthem at the 2016 Superbowl. I know I wont!! Though some folk found their show of Black pride to be intimidating and disrespectful, Bey and her soul-sista dancers were right on time with their Black power tribute.

Most of the world applauded her taking a stand against for the deep issues effecting the Black community in America. Queen Bey unapologetically embraced her Blackness while making a anti-police violence statement with the track and original music video. The song was brought attention to police brutality, racial profiling and officers constantly going unpunished for murdering unarmed Black men.

The new Formation (Choreography Version) music video was reworked where fans can see a variety of new scenes including Bey and her dancers. There's a catch if you plan on seeing the because, according AllHipHop TIDAL is the streamer hosting it. At least for now.


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