Ever since Beyonce dropped Lemonade, women across the globe have been getting in formation in support of the 12-song visual album. But teens and adults don't seem to be the only ones already memorizing all the lyrics to the very relatable body of work. The children are feeling Queen Bey too.

In the viral video above, a little girl embodies her inner Beyonce by lip-syncing "Sorry" with enough attitude to represent the entire female population. Her dance moves and sassy facial expressions are everything, as she sings "tell 'em boy bye" to the boy sitting in front of her.

The original video has garnered over 35,000 retweets on Twitter, including many celebrities like one of the biggest teen icons, Zendaya. Others reposted on instagram as well.

This little girl has to be the fiercest diva on the internet right now and we totally love it. You go girl!

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