Beyoncé's performance was one of the most highly anticipated performances at the 59th annual Grammy awards. And she did not disappoint.

Beyoncé was introduced by her mother Tina Knowles, and shortly after she took the stage, fans didn't know what to expect, as images of pregnant Beyoncé flashed across the screen. Accompanied by women from all different races and ethnicities wearing different colors, Beyoncé herself appeared wearing all gold, she looked like a Queen.In fact, her garb was in homage to African goddess of love, Oshun, as was also illustrated in her stunning visual album, Lemonade.

As in Lemonade, Warsan Sire's poetry was recited while Beyoncé herself stood in place as the dancers moved in sync as Bey sang the soul-stirring lyrics to "Love Drought." As Beyoncé walked to a wooden chair that stood at the head of the table each dancer bowed down. Beyoncé took a seat and defied gravity as the chair titled to the edge but didn't fall.

She closed her performance with with the heartbreaking, urgent "Sand Castles" and rose petals fell from the sky as dancers surrounded a glowing Beyoncé.  If the Lemonade album was the movie this performance was the sequel. Watch it above.

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